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The Music and The Message

Sometimes if you keep your words to simple rhymes and your music to basic times  you can get your message across and folks can enjoy without a loss!

Let's talk about peace!


If you believe it's time to put PEACE back into the conversation, The VonTanners & Scream-like-a-girl Records have a gift for you. A pair of peace sign earrings, a peace sign lapel pin or a peace sign bracelet. FREE to our Family, Friends and Fans. Oh did I happen to mention there is a string attached. Upon receiving your piece of peace sign jewelry, you must take a selfie (of you and your peace sign jewelry) and email it to me at: . Before the November election, The VonTanners will be publishing a book, a picture book, a coffee table book if you will. If a selfie of you wearing your peace sign jewelry is in this book, you will receive a free copy. The idea behind this is so you and other folks can see the variety of people that want peace in this world and not this constant fear of war. (So to get started, check which of the three you would like and email me your name and address :  and I will send you ( ) a pair of earrings, long or short, ( ) a lapel pin or ( ) a bracelet, S M L . In the book with each picture I am going to put just your first name and where you are from and if you would like, your profession. As for now, I've got to get busy, yes I am hand making all of these myself! with much love and respect, The VonTanners